Clair Davis



4909 Monarch ln

Kissimmee, FL. 34746

(727) 967-3990



Halloween Horror Nights:

            Universal Studios Orlando 2016 performed character Chance the clown as the lunatic straight

jacket patient and the her new performance look after becoming the Icon for the season.   

Hellcats Burlesque and Variety:

            Performed variety acts for 3 years including singing, dancing, and acrobatics.


Metro Con Masquerade and Fire Show:

            Played main character Claire from Claymore Anime series singing, dancing, acting, and fighting in

the Masquerade show. Also fire spinner in anime themed fire show three nights in a row.


Bay Area Renaissance Festival:

            Six seasons of Improve acting for stand up shows, lane performing, and combat stage fighting.


John Levique Pirate Invasion Show:

          Four seasons of Improve acting and multiple combat stage fighting shows.


Scandinavian Trading Company Tampa Bay Viking Show:

            Shield Maiden performer and combat stage fighter, song writer, conductor, and performer for stage acting


Vegas Show Girls of Tampa Bay:

          Vegas Show girl performer and model. Performing burlesque and show girl style dances.



            Performed for five years as multiple entertainment including character acting, dancing, singing, modeling, and being a mermaid.




Singer, Pianist and Percussionist, Dancer, Artist, Fashion Design and Dressmaker, Make-up Artist, Hair Stylist, Model, Bartender, Cosplay, Stage and Weapons Fighting, Shooting, Swimming, Running, Driving manual, Roller Skating, Basic Martial Arts, Biking, Basic Silk Aerialist, Typing, Cooking, Driving motorcycle, Fire Spinning, Fire Breathing




Height:  5'6"

Weight:  115

Age:  29

Bust:  32

Waist:  27

Hips:  34

Shoe Size:  6

Dress size:  2

Eye Color:  Hazel

Hair Color:  Brown