John Levique 2014:

        Pirate invasion of Johns Pass Mediera Beach, FL.

Extraordinary Night at the Tampa Pitcher Show:

                                   These are two songs I sang live        for our special fundraiser to keep the best local theater of Tampa in town. 

Opening Act for Movie Premier - The Devils Carnival:

                                     Performing with the Hellcats         Burlesque troop a number that I  co-         choreographed for the traveling               release of the movie Devils Carnival.  

Back to Black -Burlesque Performance :

                            My first burlesque performance             ever with the Hellcats Burlesque troop. 

John Levique 2013:

                              Pirate invasion of Johns Pass             Mediera Beach, FL.

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Bay Area Ren Fest Chess Match 2016:

                              Dutchess Cathrine Willoughby was the accuser on the black side of the mother mary for stealing the queeens necklace 

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